Ashes in Glass

This piece was created for a very nice customer to remember her special little furry friend by including the ashes into the glass artwork.

Damien Chwalisz redefines bridal aesthetics for Calèche (Click Here to see full Article)

An architectural revamp brings together the past and the future of Calèche - one of Australia's few remaining designer-makers of couture and off-the-rack wedding dresses.

This is he link to the article


These are the lights I made for the shop fit out

QUIRKY COTTAGE – Brompton, SA Featuring a Llewelyn Ash Glass Lights

Green Street House

The focus of this house is not so much on the slick detailing, it’s more on the interest and the funny things that might arise. This house stands as a crystalline example of a process of experimentation on site working with trades and using their strengths. There’s an advantage to building and renovating in this way. In particular, for young couples and families with land in inner-city suburbs looking outward in their quest for the bigger and better, it allows for the possibility of staying right where they are. It’s a typology of project where, if you’re really careful and clever about activating everything in the building, you can have a three bedroom, two bathroom house on a 120 square meter footprint on a 600 square block of land with heaps of productive garden at the back.


This house was featured on Foxtel channel, Lifestyle, as a part the series ‘I Own Australia’s Best Home.’