Eternity Memorials


Remember your loved one in an everlasting way.

These glass spheres are lovingly hand-crafted in Adelaide, South Australia.

Being hand made each memorial sphere can vary but they are approx. 100mm diameter and 1kg in weight They are not solid glass but also not fragile like thin glass.

Eternity Memorials only require a small spoon of ash in a zip bag. Both spoon and bag are sent to you after you place an order.

This ash is then carefully embedded into the glass in a swirl pattern and becomes an integral and unique part of your glass memorial sphere.

When compared to a standard urn their beauty shines out every time. Your memorial sphere can be placed on window sills, coffee tables, bedrooms—anywhere in your home. You alone know what they mean and represent.

To promote local South Australian business, the presentation box  is also designed and hand-crafted in South Australia.


How to order

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